Why do kids need more veggies? Family event in Thailand - เนื้อน้อยๆ ผักเยอะๆ - กรีนพีซ - เนื้อน้อยๆ ผักเยอะๆ - กรีนพีซ

Why do kids need more veggies? Family event in Thailand

Greenpeace Thailand recently held an event to interface directly with young parents on the advantages of a plant-rich diet for early development, life-long health, and the environment.

Speakers included a nutritionist from the School Lunch Fund of Thailand, and the former director of Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, who gave useful tips on how to change kids’ behaviours to eat more veggies. Another speaker was a physician who gave tips to parents on how to change kid attitudes towards vegetables. Three of four speakers even brought their children to drive the point home.

The event was successful in linking the poor quality of many school lunches that don’t include enough vegetables, have poor nutritional value overall and can lead to poor health.  The seminar was foundational in advancing the push to shift government school food procurement toward more ecological agriculture and much more plants in the diet.

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