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Bring fruit and vegetable dishes to your child’s group activities

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Less Meat, More Fun! Healthy, plant-based snacks for kids

We totally get it – parents lead busy, hectic lives, but are still often required or asked to bring snacks to their child’s school, sporting events, or other activities. It’s easy to swap out unhealthy meat or dairy-heavy snacks with fruit and veggie options that your kids will find delicious but are also pretty snappy to make.

To help get inspiration, we’ve put together some fun and creative ideas on a Pinterest board. Check it out here.

Tips on encouraging other parents to increase fruit and veggie snack options
In the world of parenting, there are so many different and opposing opinions that it’s hard not to constantly feel guilty that you’re doing something wrong. Here are a couple positive and constructive conversation starters that might work for you:

  • I’ve seen some really fun, cool ways to bring healthy and easy fruit and veg snacks to events. Do you want me to share the recipes with you?
  • Lots of cultures from around the world have fantastic veggie snack options. Would you be interested in helping me expose our kids to different veggies and flavors?
  • I’m trying to provide my kids with less meat-heavy snacks. Are you interested in doing the same? That way we could share ideas, and our kids could try more foods!
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