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Since 2013, all 400 childcare centers//kindergartens in Munich have been required to serve meals without meat or fish three days a week. And not only are most meals vegetarian, but half of the overall food and 90% of the meat comes from organic sources.

This program in childcare centers has been so successful that the city is now trying it in 5 schools for older children as well. And Munich’s example is not just limited to schools – municipal canteens overall have 10% of their food coming from organic sources, with a goal of 20%.

Next steps: It’s clear the city of Munich is committed to more sustainable meals – why not extend the vegetarian meals to more public canteens and schools?

What’s next?

Our supporters are challenging cities to race to the top on meat reduction to protect our climate, forests, water and human health. On the path of reducing meat consumption and production by half by 2050, we’re asking/challenging cities to begin with two dedicated vegetarian meals in all public canteens weekly by 2020.

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