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Malmo, Sweden is a real trailblazer when it comes to offering its 38,000 schoolchildren delicious, plant-based school meals. Each week, there is one day when all meal options are vegetarian – and on the the other days, there’s always a vegetarian option. Malmo has some big goals: it wants to reduce its food-related greenhouse gas emissions 40%, and have 100% organic ingredients in public canteens, both by the year 2020.

To achieve this, the city has engaged in a comprehensive education program with school restaurant staff, covering nutritional and environmental benefits, plant-based menu planning, and – this is important! – how to cook food that is both healthy and delicious.

What’s next?

Malmo could really ramp up its efforts – and get closer to its ambitious goals – by having one more dedicated vegetarian day per week in its schools. Its children will be healthier and they’ll be one step closer to a greener city.

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