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Less Is More campaign is a hit at EcoProcura

In October, at the EcoProcura conference in the Netherlands, Greenpeace’s Less Is More campaign won the prize for the best pitch presentation at the Disruptors and Games Changers session. Campaign scientist Reyes Tirado pitched the campaign to about 300 people from the globally sustainable procurement sector. In the end, they voted for our vision on how the change the food system through less and better meat, more veg.

Since we’re focusing our 2019 work on getting cities to race to our First Mover status of at least one mandatory vegetarian meal per week at public institutions, we were really gratified that the pitch really resonated with so many city officials. You might be asking: does Greenpeace usually accept prizes? Don’t worry. It was actually a Tony’s Chocolonely Bar.

Would you like to be a disruptor as well? Make sure you sign up above and join the movement to change food and find out how you can participate with our plans next year!

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