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Greenpeace Germany launches Tastyvist app to reduce meat consumption

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Greenpeace Germany designed an app for smartphones that help people reduce their meat consumption and increase plant-rich alternatives. The app is rich with information about how much water it takes to produce a kilogram of steak, for example, or how much liquid manure is produced by the livestock industry in Germany. By understanding the impact data behind meat-heavy dietary habits, consumers are given an opportunity to change their habits.

Inside the app, the user is guided in ways to take small steps for a less meat lifestyle including how to find vegetarian alternatives in a canteen, buy seasonal vegetables and fruits at a local market and cook meat-free with friends. The app is packed with meat alternative recipes and personal challenges.

In addition to the Tastyvist app, Greenpeace Germany also launched also a chatbot which works with Facebook messenger that gives consumers information about labels on packages of meat to get recommendations on what to buy.

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