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Denmark’s Aarhus proposes bold less meat, more plants policy

The municipality of Aarhus, the second largest in Denmark, is considering a big step in reducing the consumption of meat by offering citizens a new diet that protects the climate and the environment.

A resolution was put forward from the Alternativet (The Alternative Party), Radikale Venstre (Radical Democrats) and Socialdemokraterne (Social Democrats) to have a vegetarian option available in all public institutions including schools, day care centers, nursing homes and employee offices. The policy is being considered by public servants before what we hope is final passage in the City Council.

The “New Climate Policy Food Strategy” exemplifies the “less and better meat, more plants” approach that the Less Is More campaign is advocating in cities across the globe. We hope Aarhus serves as an example to other Danish cities and cities worldwide that a climate-friendly, low meat food policy is how we can ensure a sustainable world for future generations.

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