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Liverpool schools serve over a million meals a year in 41 schools, so when they decided to embrace Meat Free Mondays in 2011, it had a huge impact (Meat Free Monday is a campaign to get people around the world to go meat-free one day a week). Since then, the city, working with the not-for-profit meal provider Food for Thought, has increased its commitment with two (sometimes three!) meat-free days each week. And the ingredients they do use are more sustainable: 50% is locally-sourced, and 30% organic.

This is especially impressive given that meat has long been a big part of the Liverpool diet. Food for Thought has taken a well-rounded approach – not just serving vegetarian meals, but teaching vegetarian cooking to students and parents. Mike Carden, the project leader, has said “despite some opposition at first, often from adults, Meat Free Monday is now accepted as a normal menu day.”

What’s next?

Now that this has been so successful in schools, why not expand it to other public institutions, like hospitals and government buildings?

Greenpeace’s global challenge:

Our supporters are challenging cities to race to the top on meat reduction to protect our climate, forests, and water. We aim to have at least 50 cities commit to serving two vegetarian meals (no meat or dairy options) in all public canteens weekly by the end of 2019. We expect to have at least 100 global cities make this or a greater commitment toward less and better meat and more plant-rich meals by 2020.

take action

Are you ready to pressure cities, schools, universities and other public institutions to get serious about Less Meat More Veg policies?

Eating more plant-based meals is not only good for your health, it’s vital for our planet. Producing meat releases as many carbon emissions as all planes, trains, cars, and trucks combined. Sign up to participate in a worldwide global event in 2019 and receive a Cities Toolkit that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to move your city or school toward Less Meat More Veg.

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