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Are you ready to pressure cities, schools, universities and other public institutions to get serious about Less Meat More Veg policies?

Eating more plant-based meals is not only good for your health, it’s vital for our planet. Producing meat releases as many carbon emissions as all planes, trains, cars, and trucks combined. Sign up to participate in a worldwide global event in 2019 and receive a Cities Toolkit that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to move your city or school toward Less Meat More Veg.

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First Mover!

First Movers are cities, local governments, or public institutions (like universities, schools or hospitals) that have at least one meal per week that is completely dedicated to vegetarian foods. This is often alongside other great programs like public education and organic sourcing, but the main criteria is having at least one dedicated vegetarian meal or day per week.

Making Progress

Making Progress means that the city, local government, or public institution has increased vegetarian options or increased the use of organic meat but has yet to implement dedicated, mandatory vegetarian meals at least one meal per week.

Where we're changing food

C40 Network and Milan Urban Food Policy Pact

Greenpeace is following closely two major global networks, C40 and Milan Urban Food Pact (MUFPP), to encourage mayors of cities to embrace bold policies to change food systems, reduce meat and promote more plant-rich meals for the public and students.